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Instant photo fun
Using the latest technology we are able to offer fun, instant digital backgrounds.
The digital background image can be anything you like. Either we can design something
for you, that is in keeping with the theme of your event, or you may provide us with an
image to customize. We've even had clients run competitions for guests to design the
background used in the photographs.
How it works
1) Guests have their photo taken for free against our special green background
2) Photos are viewed instantly on our screen with the digital background of their choice
Photos can be printed on-site within seconds or viewed and ordered via our website
View & Order online
Each client is given a reference card by the photographer directing them to their photos
on our website. Photos can be viewed and purchased within hours of your event ending.
Photographs can be viewed & ordered in colour or black and white. Our website is
secure and we are able to take a wide range of payments.
We accept these payment methods on our website


Instant print station
Instant on-site prints available if required
If you would like us to print photos out instantly then this facility is also
available. Using the very latest professional digital mini-labs we are able
to print a range of sizes in seconds. This system is completely portable
and is neatly arranged in flight cases to keep your event looking slick &
professional. All photos are presented in self standing mounts and are
then packaged in resealable ‘drink proof’ plastic carriers.
Instantpix was established in 1999 and was the first photography company in the UK to
offer a nationwide instant photo service for University and other social events. In the
past seven years our customers have ranged from the smallest college and society
functions to corporate events with over 10,000 guests.
If you are organising an event, no matter how large or small, we can offer professional
solutions tailored to your requirements. Please contact us with details of your event.

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